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Related post: Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 19:34:39 -0800 (PST) From: Cameron free movie russian lollita James Subject: R.H.J.H.SRHJHS By: russian prettens gallery CameronDisclaimer: This story is intended for mature audiences only, and should not be read if you are under 18 or local or state laws russian nude top prohibit it. If you are uncomfortable with consensual male/male, male/female, or female/female sex you should not read this story, and you probably shouldn't be on this website. This story is entirely my property and small nude russian girls you may not reproduce it without my consent. If you wish to, please email me and I will give you my permission, but without it you may not copy it. These stories are based in part on fact and in part of my personal fantasies being acted out. In an effort to protect the people in the true stories, I won't differentiate between the fictional or non-fictional events, and have changed every name in the story. Enjoy the story, and please email my any questions or comments you may have.--- My high school was a russian deepthroat great school in comparison to the rest of the state, but was the bottom of the barrel in my county. You see, my parents had both inherited a ton of money and a family business, so we were pretty well of and lived in a very upscale neighborhood. Despite this, I went to the worst school in russian scorts nude the county, and even though I loved every minute of it, they hated the fact that I was a Robert Harris Jameson Eagle. Naturally, they wanted me to switch schools, and of course, I wanted nothing more than to stay with all my russian brides naked friends that I had grown up with. That's not the reason why I was bisexual, I had known about my sexuality long before I went to high school, but it may be a part of the reason I had sexual encounters at every opportunity. High school for me was one big "rebel phase" where porno gallery russian I wanted to do everything my parents forbid me to do. So, even though russian pre they told me to save myself until marriage, I of course went out and had sex just about once every three weeks. I wouldn't call myself promiscuous because I said not to sex several times, but I was certainly very sexually active. I would consider myself attractive, if only because of my body. I'm 6'5" with big broad shoulders and a body that shows off the fact that I lift every other russian petite girls day. I get complements on my body all the time from guys and girls, but never really thought much of them and I always feel unsatisfied with my body. My first story starts when I was in 6th grade. I grew up with a very russian hardcore video close circle of friends and we basically hung out with each other and no one else. We illegal russian xxx sites all had other friends, but no friendships as strong as the ones we shared with each other. Oddly enough, russian sex videos JT wasn't a part of that circle at first, but he somehow made his way in. I guess it started in the gym class we shared together. Even though we didn't shower in middle school, we did have to change, free russian photos porno so I got a chance to see him in just his boxers every day. JT was around 5'3" at the time with jet black hair and a slight frame. Gym in middle school usually consisted of basketball, and since I was the tallest at that time in the class at 5'9", I was almost always picked first, and for some reason JT was almost always the first team captain to pick, so we were on a team together a lot."Cameron, watch that high screen, you know that Chris is trying to get you confused in the middle, just roll off and I'll hit you with the pass." "Alright, I'll try, make sure you hit me in-stride though."We made a good combination throughout middle school, and when high school came around, we both showed up for freshman kids porn russian galleries parent directory russian babe team tryouts. Since I was already 6'3", I expected to get moved up to JV, but when I saw JT at the tryouts I was desperately hoping to stay on the freshman team.Me and a few blonde russian brides of the guys were standing around in the locker room in street clothes when Coach Levy called us all out into the hallway."Alright guys, I want you all to suit up, and warm up, tryouts are going russian grandmothers nude to start in 30 minutes, so make sure you're all stretched out and ready to go by then. russian orgasm Cameron, meet me in my office in 5 minutes, you too JT."We looked at each other blankly."What do you think that's all about?" "Got me Cam...maybe he just wants to give us some pointers?We quickly changed (we russian photos boobs both russian baby girls sex wore our jockstraps to tryouts, and since I had seen him in his jock a few russian lollita kids magazine times, it wasn't anything too russian porno exciting), and headed up the stairs to meet coach."I really hope there's no problem with our medical forms or something, I'd hate to be shit outta luck like that."I knew that any problems like that russian ladies topless would've been reported to us the day after we turned our forms in, but I was still curious and we got to Coach's office before I could say anything about it. We walked in, and Coach gestured for us to take a seat, I preferred russian free sex to stand, but JT sat down at one of the chairs in the cramped office."Look boys, I've seen you two play on the hard court outside, and nude female russians I know you're both a lock for the team. You play together better than any combo I've ever seen, and I'll be damned if you aren't one of the tallest freshman this school has seen in a while Cameron."I looked at JT as he looked at me, and we both had huge smiles free russian nude schoolgirls on our faces. old russian women nude I russian girl blow job could see that he was surprised as hell, but I knew I was a lock for the freshman team from the beginning, and that porn forbidden russian if nothing I russian baby sex russian debutante amature could probably carry him on with my play. It was what hit us next that was really exciting."The JV and Varsity coaches are going to be at our tryouts today, scouting you two. Now, the Varsity coach really wants you Cam, and the JV coach is damn near in love with you JT, but I told them both that I'd leave the decision up to you two. Now, get the hell out there, warm-up, and play the best damn ball of your lives."A blank stare was russian tiny sex girls all I could muster. I had just been told that I had a shot at the Varsity team russian sex free mpeg as a freshman. In my school, no freshman makes Varsity, not for the last russian boys photos 30 years at least. I looked at JT, and even though he figured he didn't have any shot at making Varsity, I could tell he was still stoked about playing JV. voyuer russian We ran gallerys russian hairy pussy out of the office, half-stunned naked russian girls galleries and underground russian nude half-overjoyed, and ran down the stairs toward the gym to warm up."Holy shit Cam, did you hear him? You on Varsity and me on JV, and I was fucking worried about making the freshman team!""I knew we were locks for freshman, but I didn't think JV, let alone Varsity."We finally reached the gym doors, the both of us nervous as hell. As we stood there next very small russian girls to each other, I almost felt like he was my brother, like I knew that we were both going to do this and do it right."Alright kiddo, let's do it."I patted him on the ass, and pushed him russian beaches getting fucked through the door...he hated it when I called him kiddo.Sure enough, we walked out free russian nudist pictures onto the court to start stretching and saw the Varsity and JV coaches in the stands. Every freshman that nude boy russian showed up naturally assumed it was him the other coaches russian galleries sex were looking at, but only a few dared share their suspicions.Warm ups went find, we organized some layup drills and did some quick passing drills just to get into the flow. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Coach came out of the doors and told us 14yo russian girls to get in a line. He called roll, gave us our pin-on numbers and told us to start running russian lola nude laps.As a freshman, I wasn't in the best shape, and russian sexy wet girls even though I could run hot russian women xxx the court fine, running 20+ laps around the court just didn't do it for me, and by lap 15, I was struggling mightily. JT, who had already lapped me once and was gothic russian girls passing me for the second time."Keep your head up Cam, keep running, remember what this is for, russian girl college remember what nue porn russian you can be the first to do."As he finished, I felt like someone had just breathed air into me, and I caught my second breath. xxxnude russian ladies I kicked it into high gear and started racing around the track. I could tell JT was surprised when I caught up with him on my 18th lap, russian boylove galleries his 19th, and he gave me a pat on the back as we ran red head russians fucked side by side russian schoolgirl tgp - he even ran 21 just to keep me company.At the end of laps, Coach told us to take a 5-minute water break, russian women suckling nipples but to keep stretching and drink lots of fluids so we didn't cramp up. JT and I were russiangirlssex talking by the water fountain when Marshall Mayes, a 5'7" freshman walked up."It's you two that the Varsity coach is here for isn't it, that's why Levy called you into his office."JT and I looked at each other without a clue what to do. Neither of us wanted to let anyone know because we knew the other guys would be jealous and might want to ruin it for us. So, I did the only thing I could think of, and I lied."No way man, I wish. He just told us we had forgot to sign russian nude photo our medical forms when we handed them in, and that we Toronto female russian escorts had to before we could tryout.""Oh, really? Well, uhhh, sorry about that then. It's just, you know, I'm hoping they're here to look at me and I'm trying to see if anyone knows who it really is."JT, obviously realizing what I was doing russian ilegal porn pics chimed in."No worries, gay russian boys galleries I understand. Hell, I'm still hoping it's me, even if it's not I'm going to give it my all."That sent a light bulb on in Marshall's head, and he finally realized that even if they weren't Sexy russian tits here to scout him, they wouldn't be able to ignore him if he played his ass off. He ran back onto the court to stay warm, obviously invigorated by his new opportunity.Coach came over to the water cooler and announced the teams for the scrimmage russian free porn pictures that would determine who would be on the russian boy sex videos team. None of the coaches in our school liked to run drills, they russian pussy guide preferred to let russian gay sex tour us kids prove ourselves with our play. Like I suspected, JT and I were on the same team with three other scrubs against Marshall's team.Marshall had the four best players behind me and naked kids russian JT there, and you could tell he knew it with all the trash he was talking. Lucky for him, Coach didn't hear him.The games started and me date russian woman and JT quickly realized that Marshall and his squad couldn't play D together to save their asses, so we called a time out and decided to run our offense through JT and me. Lucky russian angels tgp for us we had three smart guys on our team, and they realized that if we beat sex movies russian Marshall's power squad, they had a great chance of making the team.So, it was settled, and good thing we decided to play a two man game, because me and JT absolutely ripped it up. We played to 52, with me and JT scoring 50 of our 52, with the other coming on a breakaway layup off a steal. Since Coach wanted stats from the game, he had his Managers watching the 4 games going on. Our final lines were absolutely amazing; better than either of us had litlle girls russian ever put up. JT finished with adult sites russian 18 points, 11 assists, 6 steals, and a surprising 2 blocks. I scored the first triple-double in freshman team history with 32 points, 18 rebounds, and 10 blocks along with 4 assists and 2 steals. I was sure we were naked russians jerking off locks for the JV team now, and thought we both had a decent shot at making Varsity.The JV and Varsity coaches came down after the games were over to congratulate us on doing a great job and to encourage us to keep working hard. We ended practice with some more laps, and this time my pure excitement drove me to running right next to JT the whole way."I can't believe those numbers we put it, I think free nude russian nudist we're on JV for sure!""Yeah, that triple-double you put up was unreal, I'd say you've got a great shot at nude russian wifes Varsity, even if you are on the bench for part of the season.""Nah, I'd rather start on JV than pine-ride on Varsity...I'm on the team to play, not just to have the letterman's jacket."We went back to the locker room dating internet russian woman and me and JT started changing into our street clothes to head home when we noticed that some of the other guys were stripping down and heading into the shower...naked. We were both a little taken aback by this, because we ignorantly assumed that high-school tryouts would be just like the intramural teams, were everyone showered at themselves.I was immediately worried about seeing another guys dick and getting hard, so naked russians having sex I rushed to change. JT on the other hand got a little excited about the whole situation, and started stripping down to join the other russian woman guys. I couldn't believe that I was going to get to see him completely naked, and the fact that he had grown into his body perfectly didn't help matters. He was now girls naked russian pics up to 5'9", not a russian nude girls trailers bad height for my pussy pics russian a high school point guard, but sexual russian women it was his body that got my attention. He had filled out very nicely since our skinny days in middle school and now had a forming six pack and some developing pecs. He didn't have the body I did yet, but he was nudist filmer russian getting there, and I was undeniably hot for him.I had jerked off thinking about the times I had played him in the post, feeling his ass rub up against my cock, and the times he guarded me and I could feel his dick rubbing against galery nudism russian my ass. He always seemed to get hard, and even though I tried to convince myself he was doing it on purpose, I always figured it was just because of russian brides sexy his boxers rubbing up against his cock inside his shorts. Now, I finally got the chance to see him naked, a chance I had dreamed about for the russian sex top 100 past 3 years. I tried to make myself look busy as he undressed, organizing my locker and giving an occasional cough so that I could squint over and look at him. When he finally pulled down his jock, I was in complete ecstasy. Here was this complete freshman stud, standing 4 feet away from me, with his semi-hard cock just a small reach away from my hand. I wanted nothing more than to index of avi russian stroke his cock right in front of everyone else, but as soon as I felt my own dick getting hard, I knew it was time to get out of there. I quickly changed, hiding my hardon very well by keeping my jock tight around my waist, and told JT that I was going to head home because I was so beat."Dude, why not stay and shower? russian baby sex video I know you don't want to russian sluts fucking walk home all sweaty like russian chidren porn naked russian anchor women that.""You're right, I don't, but Mom didn't give me a choice, she said I had to come straight home after tryouts so I could be home to meet my cousins that are passing through town.""Oh man, that sucks."I almost thought I heard a little disappointment in his voice, like he wanted to check me out as much as I had wanted to check him out. I felt a little flattered, but I knew the moment I let it go to my head I would find out that I was completely off base. I slung my sportsbag over my shoulder and said goodbye to the rest russian cz of the guys.On the way out, I caught glimpses of Marshall walking naked toward the shower and was stunned to see how incredibly toned he was. Marshall wasn't the tallest guy, like I said he was only 5'7", but man was this kid hung. I was so surprised when I saw his generous man cock where I thought a boy cock would be that I think movies thumbs amateur russian I gasped. russian girls forced Since I was pretty sure no one heard me, I quickly walked out of the room and headed home.The 10 minute walk home was especially long this day, because I knew I had to get back to my room for some much needed relief. I had lied to JT about cousins coming to town, so I knew I would my room to myself for the rest of the night to act out some pubescent nude russian fantasies on the views I had gotten after tryouts, but I also knew that the JV russian links porn and Varsity tryouts were the following two days, and that I would russian nudism ru have to go to them to be eligible for the russian sex boy team.I spent the night jerking off and thinking of JT and the things I wanted to do to him in the locker room one day when we were alone. It seemed like time slowed down, because I don't think I've ever jerked that much in my life, and doubt I ever will especially free trailer sex russian that soon after that night, I didn't have a need to jerk off...but russian nude photos that's for another episode.
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